Bowen Scarff Ford-Lincoln

1157 Central Avenue North
Kent, WA 98032


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Ford Mustang Wagon
A custom creation and, I believe, one-of-a-kind.

	It’s always fun to see other people’s creations!
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Ilustração, No. 113, Setembro 1 1930 - 42 on Flickr.
Click image for 1320 x 1812 size. “The Tower of Gold This Tower of Gold, big and rigid like a bishop with his rain coat, continues to exist, without spoiling the circle of folding screens that shape it, and with its magnificent name, born from the golden ceramic works of the mourish epoch, reminds one of how in the stone casket there was gold from the ships. F. Garcia Sanchiz. The Golden Tower evoques riches from a bygone era; the Lincoln reminds one of opulence and sumptuousness of our time. So, Lincoln is the car of the refined and wealthy world. Lincoln is the modern car that most exactly expresses high status, elegance and wealth. In Lincoln are combined the best qualities of function, line and cosmopolitism. Lincoln Ford Cars and trucks Fordson Tractors Ford Iberic Motor Barcelona”
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